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Selling Christmas Trees

The guy selling Christmas trees
in the SuperValu car park
knew everything there was to know
about Christmas trees.
Which is good if that is your job.
He’s even been to the part of Canada
which grows the ones he was selling,
and he told me about the time he hiked
for three days to get to where
the best ones were,
and how he slept out in the snow
in twenty-five below,
under an immense sky of
stars so vast it made
you want to cry.
And the coyotes who would 
howl like demons
in the valleys. And how,
at night, they would come
and steal babies out of tents,
never to be seen again.
I thanked him for the lengths
he went to to get me my Christmas
tree, and I promised him
I would think of all those
poor tiny babies who 
ended up as coyote dinner
as we hung our baubles
and tinsel 
and the little silver fairies
my kids made in school.


Aidan O’Donoghue
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