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Ordering your copy of The Moth couldn?/b>t be easier ...
Please click on the links below to place your order. Or send a cheque payable to ?/span>The Moth Magazine Ltd?/span> to the following address:
The Moth
Ardan Grange
Co. Cavan

If you would like to order a gift subscription, please put the address of the recipient and the message you would like to send in 'special instructions' at the checkout. We will send a gift card with the message along with a copy of the magazine, and three more will follow. 

When ordering back issues please specify which number issue(s) you would like in ?span times="" new="" roman",="" serif;"="">special instructions?span times="" new="" roman",="" serif;"=""> at the checkout. 

Alternatively, you can purchase an ongoing subscription (Ireland/UK) for 7 per quarter (including postage) by clicking on the subscribe
 button below:


Or an ongoing subscription (outside Ireland/UK) for 8 per quarter (including postage): 

The retail price of the magazine is 5. 

Any queries, please contact us directly at enquiries@ web casino truc tuyen www.davidgilmourphoto.com.  


the moth (winter 2018) €7

annual or gift subscription (Ireland/UK) €28

annual or gift subscription (rest of world) €32

back issues €7

library subscription €40

the caterpillar (winter 2018) €7

caterpillar annual or gift subscription €28 (Ireland/UK)

caterpillar annual or gift subscription €32 (rest of world)
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We'll Sing Blackbird by Rebecca O'Connor